About Us


Amare Dance Academy was founded in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur specialized in ballet and with over 18 years in teaching and dancing experience recognized by both Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). With its experienced staff and teachers, Amare Dance Academy provides an excellent environment for the development in dance techniques as well as nurturing and maintaining the passion and love for dance.

Dance education beginning in early childhood and continuing into adulthood benefits the body, mind and spirit. Dance provides an important opportunity to express oneself non-verbally. Dance helps to increase flexibility, tones and strengthens the body.

​The school has two spacious studios, all with vinyl floors, mirrors and wall ounted barres. The facility is clean, bright, and safe with a front lobby. Our studio provides a relaxing atmosphere that encourages self-expression and enjoyment in dance where students are taught at alevel appropriate to their individual potential and ability.

All classes offered at Amare Dance Academy for children, teens and adults are offered from Beginners to Advanced levels.

Apart from dance classes, Amare Dance Academy also provides choreography services for commercial, theater performances, talent scouting services for local advertising and studio rental.


Amare Dance Academy’s mission is to spread dance as a form of art through education and creativity and to provide a conducive environment and ample opportunities for dancers

We focus ” Dance as an Education”….


Dance is an artistic form of nonverbal communication. Education means a dedication to continual enrichment and development of all our constituencies by:

Illuminating the technical and artistic elements of dance, music, and the related theatre arts

Teaching ballet techniques and related arts to students, ensuring a broad understanding of each

Developing a new generation of artists and continuing to expand the horizons of current professional dancers and staff

Relating the dance heritage of the past to the contemporary works of today


Creativity means developing new works and approaches to the art of ballet while preserving ballet’s rich legacy. We intend to accomplish this by:

Examining and presenting the art form in new ways in the context of what has come before

Creating new works: allowing new choreographic voices to be heard

Fostering and promoting individual expression in all of us


Through this mission we will significantly advanced ballet as an art form, enrich the culture life of our community, and create a heightened sense of excitement plus reward for those who join us.

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