Ballet Lessons & Classes

Amare Dance Academy prepares students for both the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) examination.

Toddler Class
Toddler Class
Grade 1 - 5
Grade 1 - 5
Vocational Grades
Vocational Grades


Amare Dance Academy offers Classical Ballet lessons for children, from as young as the age of 3. We have adopted unique teaching methods that focus on inspiring and training the young ones. We have different programs ranging from group lessons to private coaching. Our ballet classes are tailored to the dancers’ experience and competency. Students will be given opportunities to participate in performances, competitions as well as dance immersion programs both locally and overseas to gain exposure and to enjoy the dance as they grow into competent ballet dancers. Amare Dance Academy is passionate about grooming our future dancers. Talented dancers might be given scholarships, highly subsidized by Amare Dance Academy, to participate in competition training.



Our ballet dance classes are held on both weekdays and weekends. (The day and timings are subjected to changes during each student-intake). Refer to our dance class schedule for more details and available slots.


Toddler Ballet

Our ballet classes for toddlers are customized to encourage toddlers to enjoy ballet dancing. Our teachers are specialized to inspire the young ones in the ballet fundamentals, ensuring that these toddlers will be introduced to the ballet stance and at the same time, start to enjoy the art of ballet dancing. Children are exposed to dance in a fun-loving way, learning the concepts of ballet, music and movement as well as understanding rhythm. Children express their creativity and imagination through body movements and foster communication skills in a group environment.


Pre-Primary & Primary

Students will be taught to master the basic ballet positions, and much more focus will be given to body posture and alignment. Children learn to understand the basic technique of Classical Ballet, and the importance of body postures and placement, providing them with a strong foundation in classical ballet. This program will also prepare them for the accredited ballet examination board – RAD & ISTD. This program provides a strong basic foundation for the students to progress to Grade 1 in the Classical Ballet training.


Grade 1 – 5

Students are trained in either the RAD or ISTD techniques, preparing them for the Classical Ballet Examination. Regular ballet classes enhance body postures and maintain strong torsos. Students are taught how to engage the correct body muscles to execute ballet steps with elegance and grace. The training also improves muscular strength and coordination. Detailed footwork is focused upon to enhance precise technique and performance quality. From Grade 1 to Grade 5, the intensity and complexity increases as the level of training increases. Students would be trained to execute more complex steps, including pointe work at higher levels. The program also prepares them for the Classical Ballet Examination and certifies them for each level. These basic trainings are essential for Vocational Training.


Vocational Grades

At this level, students would already have a strong Classical Ballet Technique from Amare Dance Academy Grades Program. Students at this level are prepared for the vocational graded syllabus examinations – RAD Intermediate Foundation to Advance 2 and ISTD Majors Intermediate Foundation to Advance 2. At this level, students execute more complex dance steps, and are trained to hone their skills. Vocational syllabuses offer great challenge for students, enabling potential students to pursue dance at pre-professional levels.


Private Coaching

Private lessons are catered to students who wish to fine-tune their dance techniques in one-to-one training sessions. This program is also for students who would like to do pre professional training. Students enrolled in this program would also have the chance to participate in local and overseas competitions.


Elite Program 

Amare Dance Academy is passionate about nurturing our future dancers. This program is for selected students, and the fee is highly subsidized by Amare Dance Academy. The Elite Program is divided into 3 groups – Pre-Junior, Junior and Senior Scholars Team, grouped according to their technique levels. In this program students are trained intensively to prepare them for dance as a chosen career.

The classes are taught by Seniors Teachers who are highly qualified and experienced. Besides teaching popular ballet variations, music, dance history and basic anatomy are also incorporated. Students enrolled in this program are trained for competitions, locally and overseas.

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